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We Have Been Redeemed

Titus 2:14 (AMP) “Who gave Himself on our behalf that He might redeem us (purchase our freedom) from all iniquity and purify for Himself a people [to be peculiarly His own, people who are] eager and enthusiastic about [living a life that is good and filled with] beneficial deeds.” Jesus gave Himself which indicates it was voluntary. He gave all He could because He gave Himself. He gave Himself for us, He was a substitute for us, a sinful person. It also shows us that He saw our value. It was an act of love that He sacrificed Himself. He redeemed us, that means He brought us out the slavery by paying the ransom for us. He brought us out of slavery to sin. He gave us deliverance from the power of harassing sins.

We are redeemed to live a life that is good and filled with beneficial deeds or good works. We are purchased so we can live with zeal. Will the Lord find us doing good works? Good works deeds done for the benefit of others. Ephesians 2:10 (NKJV) “10 For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.”. We are God’s workmanship created in Christ for good works. He desires for us to have a new manner of life, one of good works. Salvation is not by works but for works. Good works are the fruit of our salvation. He enables us to do good works by the Holy Spirit.

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What are We Known For?


Have you ever heard the poem called “The Dash”? It is sometimes read as a person is passing from this life to the next. On a headstone it will give the date of birth, then a dash and finally the date of death. The dash represents our time on earth and how we lived. 

The question to ask now is what are we known for? Are there areas in our life that with the help of the Holy Spirit, we need to change? Are we known as a negative, selfish, sarcastic and angry person? Are we known for being a complainer? Are known as being a taker? Are we known to be rude and not easy to get along with? Are we known for our love of God? Are we known for having integrity, kindness, love and compassion? Are we known for being a giver? Are we know for being people of our word and faithful? Are we known for being concerned for others? Are we know for positive and pleasant? Are we known for being grateful?

Up to this point in time, what have we accomplished in our life? Has it been what God wants us to accomplish? Do we need to be more grateful and appreciative? Do we need to love more and spend time with people more? How are we living each day? Are we making the most of the time we have? Proverbs 20:11 (AMP) Even a child is known by his acts, whether [or not] what he does is pure and right.” Matthew tells us we will know men by their fruits. What fruits are evident in our lives? Our behavior reflects our character. Do we need to allow the Holy Spirit to work in us, if so invite Him today to help us? We need to let our lights shine.

Copyright @February 2020 Carol Wright/Oasis Worship Center

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